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Kerwin Circle Substation Project

Duke Energy is building an electric infrastructure that is smart, secure, and flexible to respond to the changing needs of customers, communities and our state. Maintaining a robust system for supplying and delivering electricity is critical to ensuring the continued reliability and economic prosperity of the region.

Overview of the project

Duke Energy is constructing a new substation and high-voltage transmission line to provide additional capacity to the Kernersville area. The new substation will be located near Kerwin Circle, to the north of West Mountain Street. The new transmission line will be approximately 3-miles long, and will be constructed within existing Duke Energy right-of-way easements to connect the new substation to our existing transmission line located to the west of Walkertown Guthrie Road. The new line will generally be constructed using concrete and steel monopoles.

The new substation is one of several projects in the region designed to strengthen the grid, improve reliability and enhance service to Duke Energy customers. These improvements will help support economic and community growth, make the grid more resistant to power outages from storms and other physical threats, and prepare for energy opportunities of the future.

Project schedule

Substation Site Development Construction Activities (Currently Underway)

  • Construction entrance established
  • Vegetation and tree removal for substation pad, transmission, and distribution corridors on-site
  • Grading site in preparation for substation construction
  • Contractors mobilizing heavy equipment and materials to the site

Substation Construction Activities (Target: Spring 2021-Winter 2021)

  • Continue receiving delivery of materials
  • Install substation security fence on the site
  • Erecting steel for substation equipment
  • Installing substation equipment within fence

Transmission Line Activities (Target: Early 2021-Early 2022)

  • Staking the existing easement to identify 68-feet of right of way for the new transmission line
  • Vegetation clearing within the right of way
  • Transmission line constructed to connect the existing transmission line to the substation

Target early 2022 completion.

Benefits to the community

  • Improves Duke Energy's ability to provide safe and reliable energy to homes, community facilities, and businesses in Forsyth County
  • Provides additional electric capacity to continue delivering reliable power and meet the growing energy needs of the community
  • Enhances system reliability as the commuity continues to grow

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Transmission and what we do

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Kerwin Circle Substation Project
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