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I-75 Transmission Line Relocation

I-75 Transmission Line Relocation

Transmission Investments

Duke Energy’s electric system is essential to meeting our customers’ needs. We’re also committed to the development, stability and economic growth of the communities we serve. With that in mind, Duke Energy Ohio will be relocating a short section of a 69-kilovolt (kV) electric line to accommodate an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) project. This project will be built to support 138-kV capacity in anticipation of future energy needs for the community.

Project Need

ODOT is planning future work to improve safety and ease congestion on I-75 in Hamilton County, which involves reconstructing I-75 between the bridge over the Mill Creek and the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway – adding a fourth lane in either direction.

ODOT’s I-75 project requires Duke Energy to relocate our poles, towers, electric power line and other associated equipment to new road right of way and into a new transmission corridor. 

Project Description

Duke Energy Ohio will need to relocate about a half-mile of 69-kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line and related equipment from crossing I-75 near the 10.10 mile marker. The project will be built with equipment that can support a 138-kV transmission line in anticipation of future growth in the region. The new section of transmission line will be supported by 4 steel poles embedded in concrete foundations, as well as an additional single steel pole embedded into the ground. Pole heights range from 68 to 120 feet above ground. The concrete foundations have a base width of up to 10 feet and will average 1 foot above ground.

Vegetation clearing for this project is expected to begin in November 2022. Construction on the foundations for the utility poles should begin in January 2023. Construction on the transmission line and related equipment is planned for March 2023, and restoration is expected to occur by late spring 2023.

Transmission Line Proposal 

A notice to construct, operate and maintain this project is now pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). 

View the copy of the construction notice.

A paper copy will be provided upon request. To obtain a paper copy, please contact 888.827.5116.

Benefits to the Community

  • Helps provide additional capacity to continue delivering reliable electricity to address the area’s growing energy needs
  • Provides more flexibility for providing critical energy to communities in the region
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering electric service, which helps promote continued economic growth for the region


Community engagement allows us to receive input and to share information about this project. The preferred route for this project was announced on June 14, 2021.


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