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Half Acre Substation and Transmission Line Relocation

Transmission Investments

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy Ohio takes very seriously. We are dedicated toward modernizing, improving and upgrading the electric system to meet the growing energy needs of our communities. As part of our commitment to provide reliable energy for homes, schools and businesses, Duke Energy is planning construction for a new substation in Clermont County, Ohio.

The new 138-34.5-kilovolt (kV) Half Acre Substation will be built on Duke Energy-owned property located at 4355 Half Acre Road in Batavia, Ohio. This project will involve relocating a portion of an existing 138-kV transmission line and its associated equipment into the new substation, which will undergo a regulatory filing with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB).

Project Need

The new Half Acre Substation will increase reliability to serve the growing energy needs of the community. The need for this project results in part from developing businesses in the area – as the county continues to become an ideal attraction for new companies.

Project Description

The substation project will connect to an existing 138-kV transmission line and three existing 34.5-kV distribution lines. The relocation of the transmission line will involve replacing two wood utility poles with steel poles in concrete foundations. This construction also will involve installing nine new steel transmission poles and replacing another wood pole with an H-frame structure to be supported by two steel poles. The poles will range from 27.5 feet to 105 feet above ground. The new steel structures will improve the reliability of the transmission line.

The new substation will include a temporary 30-megavolt amp (MVA) mobile transformer. It will have a 60-MVA 138-34.5-kV load-tap-changing (LTC) transformer to change voltage levels between high transmission voltages and lower distribution voltages that go to homes, schools and businesses, as well as other associated switching equipment. There also will be a small enclosure inside the fence to house substation controls. There will be dusk-to-dawn directional lighting for safety and security.

Transmission Line Proposal – Public Input Invited

Construction for the substation is planned for October 2021 – with clearing and grading of the project area – in order to place it in service by October 2022. 

Vegetation clearing for the transmission line project is planned for early November 2021. Construction on the foundations for the new poles is planned for fall 2021. Construction on the transmission line is planned from spring 2022 to October 2022.

In relation to this construction, Duke Energy Ohio is proposing a project to loop 900 feet of 138-kV transmission line into the new substation. 

An application to construct, operate and maintain this project is now pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). Letters also were sent to neighboring property owners and tenants, explaining how they can participate in the process.

View the copy of the application filing. A paper copy will be provided upon request. To obtain a paper copy, please contact 888.827.5116.

Benefits to the Community

  • Provides additional capacity to continue delivering reliable electricity to address the area’s growing energy needs
  • Provides more flexibility for providing critical energy to communities in the region
  • Improves the company’s ability to reroute power during planned and unplanned outages, which can support restoration following extreme weather events
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering electric service, which helps promote continued economic growth for the region


Community engagement allows us to receive input and to share information about this project. Property owners first received notification about this project in a letter sent in February 2021.