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Columbia Substation Transmission Line Connection

Transmission Investments

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy takes very seriously. As part of our dedication toward building a smarter energy grid, Duke Energy is continuing construction on a 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that connects to the Columbia Substation at 770 Sutton Drive in South Lebanon, Ohio.

Project Need

Warren County is one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio. As a result, the need for energy has grown in Warren County, and Duke Energy is committed to providing dependable, cost effective and reliable service to our Warren County customers. This project will provide greater energy capacity and enhanced service reliability now and in the years to come for this thriving community.

Project Description

Construction of the new substation began in winter 2018 and was tested and energized in late spring 2019.

The new Columbia Substation connects to an existing 138-kV transmission line and three 12-kV distribution lines, which provides greater capacity and service reliability for this community, and addresses energy demand in neighboring areas.

Transmission Line Proposal: Public Input Invited

Duke Energy Ohio previously had installed approximately 553 feet of new 138-kV electric transmission line to loop into the substation. Additional work in early 2022 will involve completion of rebuilding the 138-kV transmission line over the Little Miami River and replacing an existing H-frame structure with a 3-pole structure installed in concrete foundations. The structures are 85 feet tall and the concrete foundations are approximately 4 feet in height. 

Vegetation clearing for this project is expected to begin in December 2021. Construction on the foundations is planned for February 2022, followed by construction on the poles and transmission line in April 2022. Restoration of the easement is planned for May 2022. 

A notice to construct, operate and maintain this electric transmission line project is now pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) in Columbus, Ohio. View the copy of the notice.

A paper copy will be provided upon request. To obtain a paper copy, please call 888.827.5116.

Benefits to the Community

  • Improves electrical system reliability
  • Better addresses the impact of severe weather in the city
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering energy, which is integral to ensuring the continued economic growth and prosperity of the city
  • Improves power quality and reliability for decades to come 


Community engagement allows us to receive input and to share information about this project.

Property owners first received notification about this project in a letter sent in January 2018.



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