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Boone Kenton Pole Replacement

Transmission Investments

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy takes very seriously. As part of our dedication to build a smarter energy grid, Duke Energy is replacing poles on a section of existing 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line through sections of Boone and Kenton counties.

Project Need

Recent inspections reveal that we need to replace approximately 40 utility poles along a 12-mile section of 69-kV transmission line. The work will take place along sections of the transmission line from the Limaburg Substation, Oakbrook Substation, Buffington Substation, Empire Substation and Dixie Substation in Boone County. Portions of the project are located in Burlington, Devon, Florence and Oakbrook in Boone County, and Elsmere and Independence in Kenton County.

Project Description

The affected wood structures will be replaced with steel structures to increase the reliability of the electric equipment. Efforts are underway to replace the existing structures with steel poles of similar height, although some poles may be 5 to 10 feet taller than the present utility poles. The pole heights will range from 41 feet to 86 feet above ground. The base diameters of the poles will range from 19 to 27.5 inches.

The cross-arm replacements on the new poles will be 14 feet, compared with the 7-foot cross-arms of the existing poles.

In some locations, contractors also will be replacing portions of the transmission line and adding reliability equipment.

Pre-construction activities such as vegetation clearing for the project will get underway in February and continue through April. To ensure reliable energy, trees that are close to power lines must be trimmed or removed so that they don't disrupt electric service to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.

Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2020 and continue through December 2020, followed by restoration through 2021.

Benefits to the Community

  • Improves electrical system reliability
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering energy, which is integral to ensuring the continued economic growth and prosperity of the community
  • Improves power quality and reliability


Community engagement allows us to receive input and to share information about this project.

Property owners first received notification about this project in a letter sent in January 2020.

View a map of the project
View January 2020 letter announcing construction
Information about transmission line maintenance and use of rights of way
Information about vegetation management


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