Coal Plant Decommissioning Process

Phases of Decommissioning

Note: This chart indicates the current stage at each plant.

  Decommissioning Asbestos Abatement Demolition  Restoration
Buck Steam Station  
Cape Fear Plant  
Cliffside Steam Station*  
Dan River Steam Station  
H.F. Lee Plant  
Riverbend Steam Station  
Robinson Plant  
Sutton Plant  

W.C. Beckjord Plant

W.H. Weatherspoon Plant  
W.S. Lee Steam Station*  
Wabash River Station   

* Denotes demolition complete of a retired unit at an operational plant.

During this phase, we perform shutdown activities, such as removing materials and cleaning equipment. Next, the plant is safely deconstructed part by part, and we salvage any equipment that can be recycled or repurposed at another location.
After the plant parts have been disassembled, a team of experts safely removes asbestos and appropriately disposes of it to ensure safe working conditions and environmental protection.
This step involves dismantling the site to ground level, removing all equipment, demolishing the structures and disposing of scrap material.
Demolition contractors may conduct one or more implosions at some sites to expedite the demolition phase.
In this phase, we backfill, grade and seed the land. By completing this step, we sustain the site for future use.
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