SC Solar Rebates

Thank you to the installers and customers who made the Duke Energy South Carolina Rebate Program so successful. All program participants have completed the interconnection projects, so this program is now closed.

DEC Rebate Application Status as of February 1, 2021.

Solar Installation Size  Goal Rebate Applications Received  Rebate Applications Accepted Rebate Applications Paid
Up to 20kW-AC  10,000 (kW-AC) 17,500 (kW-AC) 15,500 (kW-AC) 100%
20.01kW - 1,000kW-AC  30,000 (kW-AC) 37,500 (kW-AC) 24,500 (kW-AC)
Total  40,000 (kW-AC) 55,000 (kW-AC) 40,000 (kW-AC)
*DEC cannot incent more than 30,000 kW-AC for projects (20.01kW - 1,000kW-AC) per ACT 236.
**Waiting list will remain in place until all projects accepted into the rebate program have been paid a rebate.


Frequently Asked Questions

    • For residential (up to 20 kW-AC) installations, you have 180 days from the interconnection request approval and the receipt of the rebate notification email to install your PV system.
    • For nonresidential (no greater than 1,000 kW-AC) installations, you have 180 days from the receipt of a fully executed and signed Interconnection Agreement between Duke Energy and the customer to install your PV system.

    For both residential and nonresidential installations, we must receive the certificate of completion or inspection documents within this time frame. If you are not able to complete the installation within this time frame, you may request up to two 90-day extensions by contacting us in writing for each 90-day extension request at

  • No. If you participate in the South Carolina Solar Rebate program, all non-energy attributes of the System, including environmental attributes and/or the renewable energy certificates ("RECs") attributable to the amount of energy generated by the System, must be owned by you and then must be provided to Duke Energy Carolinas under the terms of the program. Once all Distributed Energy Resources Program (DERP) incremental costs are fully recovered and all DERP charges are removed from customers' bills, the REC ownership will shift back to you.

  • You may be eligible for a federal- or state-sponsored tax incentive. Customers can learn more about tax incentives by referencing the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiencies (DSIRE). Duke Energy Carolinas does not administer tax incentive programs or advice, but we suggest consulting your tax advisor and a reputable source to understand how to utilize solar tax incentives.

  • All Solar Rebate program customers must return a W-9 form to Duke Energy Carolinas for incentive checks to be processed. A Form 1099 Misc. will be sent to you no later than March 31. Please consult with your tax advisers if you have any questions related to receiving and reporting the Form 1099 Misc. "Other Income."

  • Please contact us at 866.233.2290 or email for the most up-to-date information.

  • If the answer to your question cannot be found within these FAQs or elsewhere on the SC Solar Rebate web pages, please send an email to or contact us at 866.233.2290.

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