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Report an Outage

Keeping your power on is a priority for Duke Energy. We will make every reasonable effort to restore your service as quickly and safely as possible. Please be prepared to provide the phone number or electric account number and the last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security number.

Report an Electric Outage

Report Gas Trouble
For safety reasons, please telephone us directly to report gas trouble.

  • Toll free: 800.634.4300

Report a Streetlight/Rental Outdoor Light Problem
Use the forms below to report outages or trouble with streetlights and outdoor lights.

Report a Tree Problem
Use this form to alert us of a tree that may be growing too close to our power lines.

Report a Downed Power Line or Safety Hazard
If you see downed power lines or another electrical danger, call for help immediately at 800.543.5599 (toll free). Keep others away until help arrives.

The first rule of safety is do not touch a power line or anything touching a power line, such as tree limbs, tools and toys. Even power lines that have fallen may be dangerous and should not be moved or disturbed.