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HoM® Energy Manager

Our HōM® Energy Manager allows you to control your home's energy use from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits include:

  • Automated thermostat setup. Just answer a few simple questions. No programming required.
  • Personalized feedback and tips, tailored just for you.
  • Insightful recommendations based on your energy use, thermostat settings and more.
  • Simple thermostat management. Anytime, anywhere.

Energy Conservation Events

With HōM® Energy Manager, your thermostat will be part of up to 10 energy conservation events each year. During periods of high demand, we will signal your air conditioner to automatically reduce the energy it uses - a process called cycling. You are able to choose your level of cycling and will receive notifications before each event. See details below and select the option that works best for you.

Conservation Level
Yearly Fee
(per thermostat)
50% Cycling Best for your comfort $5.99
75% Cycling Better for your budget $2.99
100% Cycling Best for your budget FREE
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When do energy conservation events occur?

What does cycling mean?

Why do these energy conservation events occur?