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Energy Efficiency Opt-Out Provision

Enhancing our Energy Efficiency programs is one way Duke Energy Ohio is working to meet rising energy demand by helping customers conserve energy. The programs encourage the continued development and implementation of demand response and energy efficiency conservation for our customers. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (Commission) regulations also provide certain customers the ability to opt out of participating in the Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Response rider (EE/PDR Rider) if the company has undertaken or will undertake self-directed energy efficiency programs that have resulted or will result in energy savings that equal or exceed the benchmarks set by the state of Ohio.

Business customers who meet one of the following criteria are eligible:

  • Energy usage of more than 700,000 kilowatt hours per year; or
  • A national account involving multiple facilities in one or more states.

To begin the opt-out process, eligible customers must complete the Mercantile Customer Application to Commit EE and PDR Programs, which is available on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website at http://www.puco.ohio.gov/puco/index.cfm/puco-forms/mercantile-customer-application-to-commit-ee-and-pdr-programs/. You may also contact your account manager or selfdirect@duke-energy.com for more information. The completed application should be sent to Duke Energy to have an exemption calculation completed. Duke Energy will return the calculation to the customer and the completed application and supporting documentation, as described by the application form, must be filed by the customer with the Commission for approval. While Duke Energy Ohio supports and assists customer applications to the Commission for cash rebates, responsibility for any applications and representations made to the Commission for rider exemption rests solely with the applying customer.

Please note that you may not receive incentives or rebates for energy savings and use those same savings to apply for EE/PDR Rider exemption.

Before submitting a request for exemption from Duke Energy Ohio's energy-saving programs, the Company encourages you to visit the energy efficiency programs page to find out how you can lower your operating costs by identifying and implementing energy-saving opportunities.