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How To Choose A Supplier

Duke Energy Ohio does not recommend specific suppliers. We encourage you to understand the program before you decide and compare supplier offers and prices. Ask the supplier questions about their offering. Following is a list of some questions you may want to ask:

  •  Are you certified by the PUCO?
  •  Do you have any incentives for signing?
  •  What is the price per hundred cubic feet (Ccf)?
  •  Is the price fixed or does it change?
  •  Does the price depend on how much I use or when I use natural gas?
  •  Are there any built-in price changes?
  •  How long is the contract for this rate?
  •  Is there a penalty for canceling the contract early?
  •  How is the contract renewed?
  •  What happens if you move?
  •  How do you cancel?
  •  Who do you receive bills from and how many bills do you receive?

Once all your questions are answered, you can select the offer that best fits your needs. And if you decide to keep Duke Energy Ohio as your supplier, that's okay. It's your choice.