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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Duke Energy Ohio supporting gas choice?
While all Ohio gas utilities are required to participate in gas choice, Duke Energy Ohio believes that a competitive market for the gas commodity is better than a system in which prices are set by regulation. In other formerly regulated industries (e.g., airlines, telecommunications, trucking, and railroads), competition has allowed customers to shop for lower prices and better services.

Will switching to another supplier save me money?
Possible savings depend on the prices offered by competing suppliers and your gas usage. It may be to your advantage to compare offers from all participating suppliers. Duke Energy Ohio does not guarantee any savings promised by another supplier.

Why must I pay sales tax when switching to a supplier?
All unregulated gas supply companies must charge a sales tax according to Ohio State Law. Only the Supplier Gas Charge of your bill is taxed and the rate is based on the county in which you receive service.

How can other suppliers charge me less?
In a monopoly environment, state laws and regulations require your local utility company to purchase gas in a manner that ensures that there is sufficient gas to serve all customers at all times. All customers that buy their gas from Duke Energy Ohio are charged the same average price for each unit of gas that is used. In a competitive market, suppliers do not have the obligation to serve all customers at all times and can offer various pricing options. This allows for more flexibility to keep costs down and to offer pricing based on supply and demand. For customers willing to shop suppliers, the opportunity to realize savings may be available.

If I choose another supplier, will the quality of gas service remain the same?
Yes. Regardless of whom you purchase your natural gas from, Duke Energy Ohio will still be your local gas company and will deliver your gas, read your meter, perform routine safety checks, and respond to gas leaks and emergencies. Duke Energy Ohio will work closely with the supplier you choose to make sure natural gas is available to meet your needs.

How do I participate in the customer choice program?
You become a participant once you've signed a contract with an approved supplier and your supplier submits an enrollment to Duke Energy Ohio. 

Can I switch to another supplier or back to Duke Energy Ohio?
The term of your contract with your customer choice supplier will determine when you can select another supplier or return to Duke Energy Ohio. We encourage you to carefully read and understand any contract before you sign it. If you decide to return to Duke Energy Ohio, you may be subject to a penalty by the supplier.

Will I receive two bills?
Your supplier will determine if you receive a separate bill from them or if their charges are added onto Duke Energy Ohio's bill.

If my city or town elects to aggregate, can I stay with Duke Energy Ohio?
Yes. Governmental aggregators must provide you with written notice if they are going to include your account number in their aggregation process. If you receive such a notice, it is necessary for you to opt-off the aggregator's list in order for you to stay with Duke Energy Ohio.