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Internet Links/Contact Information

Electric Customer Choice Internet Links/Contact Information   Consumer Education Contacts

Duke Energy
139 E 4th St.
Mail Loc EY575
Cincinnati, OH  45202

Customers with speech and hearing impairments may contact us via the free Relay service. Contact Relay by dialing 711 or 1-800-325-2223 and provide the representative our toll free customer service number 1-800-544-6900.

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
180 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH  43215

614-466-8180 (TTY-TDD)
800-686-PUCO (toll-free in Ohio)
800-686-1570 (TTY-TDD, toll-free in Ohio)

Ohio Electric Utility Institute (OEUI)
P.O.Box 164203
Columbus, OH  43216

(614) 221-3422