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Carbon Offset Program Support programs that reduce or prevent carbon emissions

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You can sign up online or by calling 800.943.7585.

Whether you’re driving to work, cooking dinner, or heating or cooling your home, you’re directly or indirectly producing carbon dioxide (CO2) – a greenhouse gas that’s associated with global climate change. These gases trap heat in our atmosphere, which amplifies the earth’s natural greenhouse effect, commonly referred to as global warming.

Through photosynthesis, trees do their part to help offset CO2, and you can too. By participating in the Carbon Offset program, you can balance out or “offset” the environmental consequences produced by our energy-intensive lifestyles. It’s easy and inexpensive, but makes a big impact.

We offer customers an easy and convenient way to reduce their carbon footprints. Each offset supports programs that reduce or prevent the release of CO2 emissions. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase carbon offsets online or by calling 800.943.7585.
  • Each offset costs $4 per month and offsets 1,000 pounds of CO2 – the equivalent of 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy use or about an average residential customer’s monthly electricity use.
  • In turn, Duke Energy will pass donations to NC GreenPower, a statewide nonprofit, to purchase carbon credits which support certified carbon offset projects on your behalf. The carbon projects may include methane capture from landfill or hog lagoon projects that are certified by a third party that provides accurate and transparent measurement, verification and tracking of greenhouse gas reductions and their inventories.

You may also elect to purchase additional offsets to help compensate for the emissions from your other activities, like driving and flying.

Sign up today by calling 800.943.7585 or sign up online.

Monies paid to participate in the program go directly toward the purchase of carbon credits and program administration.