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Value of electricity

Value of electricity

For most North Carolina customers, the daily cost of electricity is somewhere between the price of a gallon of gasoline and a latte from a coffee shop.

Instead of driving 20 miles, you are powering your home to watch a family movie, take a hot shower, bake chocolate chip cookies or charge your cellphone.

Electricity costs have remained lower over time than many of the other goods and services you use every day.

Cost increases over the past 20 years

Your monthly bill pays Duke Energy for generating and delivering the energy you rely on. Customer rates provide the revenue needed to build, operate and maintain power plants, poles and wires and provide an opportunity to earn a fair return for the shareholders who have invested in our company.

One important reason why Duke Energy Carolinas customers pay less than the national average for electricity is our energy mix. We take advantage of a variety of fuel choices, choosing the least expensive options to generate electricity. Learn more about our energy mix.