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Our energy mix

There’s a good reason why Duke Energy customers in the Carolinas pay rates that are well below the national average for electricity.

It’s simple, really.

One important way we do this is by relying on a variety of fuel sources. We have a portfolio of options that allows us to choose how to generate electricity – day by day, hour by hour – based on the cost of fuel needed to run the plant.

Our generation mix of nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydroelectric and solar power gives us more options – and saves our customers money.

Today, we have even more choices in the Carolinas, with two new natural gas plants and one of the most modern coal plants in the nation.

Our energy mix

Our Buck and Dan River natural gas plants are good for the environment and customers’ wallets. Right now, natural gas prices are historically low, and those savings go directly to customers in the fuel component of their bills. Our new Cliffside coal plant, one of the cleanest in the nation, is well-positioned to meet new environmental rules.

And both the natural gas that fuels our new Buck and Dan River plants and the coal used at Cliffside come from right here in the United States.