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North Carolina Speakers Bureau Looking for a speaker for an upcoming civic meeting or professional event? You can request a speaker from Duke Energy.

Electricity enhances many aspects of our lives. And Duke Energy has powered the lives and communities in North Carolina for more than a century. This is done through a complex system that includes a fleet of generation plants that produce electricity and thousands of miles of power lines that carry electricity to our homes and businesses. We work hard to ensure that the lights are shining, the AC is cooling, the phones are charging and our state’s economy keeps on running.

Solar energy is an important part of North Carolina’s energy future. We’re already seeing a significant amount of solar use by our customers. In fact, North Carolina is fourth in the nation in solar installed capacity. We have an opportunity to create an environment in which solar continues to grow.

If members of your organization or group have questions or would like to discuss energy issues, specifically around solar power and how it affects families, businesses and communities, we can help. Duke Energy would be pleased to speak to your organization at an upcoming meeting or event. We hope to start a dialogue about solar energy in a comprehensive and engaging way.

Our presentation includes an overview of Duke Energy’s presence in North Carolina, how solar power affects our customers and how we’re supporting solar energy across the state to ensure a reliable energy future. The presentation runs 20 minutes, which is flexible depending on your interests, and we can allow additional time for questions. Our content works well for all types of audiences from small group meetings to large events.

To request a speaker, please complete and submit this form. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you and your group soon.