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WinterCare Program

Share the warmth.

WinterCare is a Duke Energy sponsored program designed to assist those in need with their heating bills during the winter season.

To apply for assistance
Eligible customers will receive a one-time payment during the year as long as funds are available. Please contact the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission at 859.581.6607.

To make a donation
If you would like to share the warmth with those less fortunate in your community, contributions can be made in two ways. You may add a donation to your monthly Duke Energy bill. Most monthly bills have a special notation in the upper right-hand corner to mark your WinterCare donation. Write in the dollar amount you would like to give (in even dollar amounts) and add the amount to your bill payment.

You may also mail donations (check or money order only). Checks should be made payable to The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission/WinterCare Program. Please mail donations to:

WinterCare Program
139 E. 4th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Paperless Billing customer donations
Our Paperless Billing customers can easily make a donation online while scheduling their monthly Duke Energy Payment.  Customers will need to complete the section titled 'Customer Contribution' if they would like to make a donation to WinterCare.

Donations may be tax deductible and are forwarded to the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission for distribution to those in need.

If you have additional questions about making a contribution to WinterCare, contact us via e-mail or call us toll-free at 800.544.6900.