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Duke Energy Speakers' Bureau

Need a speaker for an upcoming meeting or event? You can request a speaker from Duke Energy.

Electricity touches every aspect of our lives. From the plants that generate electricity to the lines that carry electricity to our homes, we depend on this system to power our lives and power our region.

But today, the electric industry is entering a period of great change as the electric system begins to show its age, requiring new investments and new opportunities to leverage technologies. Energy policy continues to evolve, both at a state and federal level. Additionally, interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency is growing. And as the cost of everything around us continues to increase, customers want to know what they can do to take control of their energy use.

With all of these changes, it can be a challenge to keep up with these rapidly evolving issues. That’s where Duke Energy can help. Let our experts shed some light on complex topics like rates, renewable energy, environmental regulations and energy policy, and how those issues impact your families, businesses and communities. 

Or, invite a Duke Energy expert to speak to your group about energy efficiency, its role in the bigger energy picture, and ways you can save money on your utility bill.  You might be surprised to learn how small changes can add up to big savings.

There are two presentation topic options – energy issues, challenges and opportunities or energy efficiency tips and tools. Each presentation runs 20-40 minutes, depending on your needs, and we can allow additional time for questions.  Our talks are perfect for large events or small groups, employee lunch-and-learns, civic meetings or professional organization workshops. There is no charge; the presentations are simply a great way for us to reach out and engage customers in matters that affect all of us.

To request a speaker or to receive additional information about presentation options, complete this form.