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Monthly Natural Gas Cost Changes

Duke Energy sets its natural gas prices on a monthly basis to better reflect the current cost of gas. The Kentucky Public Service Commission approves the monthly change.

August 2016 July 2016 August 2015
GCR(1) per CCF $0.4086 $0.3918 $0.3994
Gas price $28.60 $27.43 $27.96
Typical monthly bill (2) $74.23 $73.06 $75.80

(1) Gas Cost Recovery – represents 100% of Duke Energy's gas costs incurred to provide natural gas supply for its customers.

(2) Based on a typical monthly usage of 70 ccf
(ccf = 100 cubic feet)

Duke Energy's Strategy To Control Natural Gas Price Increases
At Duke Energy, we know that higher natural gas prices translate into higher home heating and business costs for our customers. As our customers see the effects of any increase on their bills, they want to know what the gas company is doing to help prevent or reduce such an increase. The following article addresses how we work to help hold the price down and to reduce the impact of increases on customer bills. Read the full article.

The Natural Gas Delivery System and Pipeline Safety
Every day in the United States, several million cubic feet of natural gas travel through an underground pipeline delivery system to 64 million customers. Learn more about this safe, sound underground system.

Additional links for more information on natural gas prices, supply and state programs:

Manage Your Energy Bills

Budget Billing - Manage your summer cooling and winter heating bills by setting your energy bill at an average amount.

  • Annual Plan - For customers who want their monthly payments to remain the same. In the twelfth month you are billed or credited for any difference between the budget amount and the actual costs.
  • Quarterly Plan - For customers who want to avoid a twelfth-month "settle-up" adjustment. Your amount is recalculated and automatically adjusted every three months.

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Energy-Saving Opportunities and Tips

Personalized Energy Report (PER)™ - This tool provides a quick example of how energy saving measures could lower your energy costs. It estimates how new energy efficient practices and/or equipment in your home could save you money.

Home Weatherization - Our Home Weatherization program provides energy-saving installations and energy education at no cost to income-qualified customers. Click on the Home Weatherization link for additional program guidelines.

Easy Ways to Lower Your Bill - Find a variety of energy-saving information right at your fingertips.