Billing & Payment Options

Changes coming to serve you better

We are busy making enhancements to our billing and payment programs to improve your overall experience and offer more choice and greater control. As a result, the program or service you are interested in is temporarily unavailable.

The program enhancements are scheduled to be complete in early April. We encourage you to come back later to check on availability and eligibility.

In the meantime, select your program of choice below to learn more. Or, to speak with a representative and request notification once enrollment is available, please call 800.777.9898.

Business customers can learn more about future enhancements here.

  • A free service to help you manage your budget more easily with a predictable monthly energy bill. Equal Payment Plan will soon be known as Budget Billing.

    • Know exactly what you’ll pay each month and enjoy bill certainty.
    • Quarterly bill reviews help you avoid a large year-end settle-up.
  • A free service that automatically pays your energy bill by drafting funds from your bank account.

    • Electronically authorize your monthly bill payment to be drafted on your bill due date.
    • There are no dates to remember, checks to write or stamps to buy.
    • Transactions appear on your monthly bank statement.
  • Pick Your Due Date lets you choose the date you want your bill to be due each month.

    • If your home has a certified smart meter, you’re eligible to pick your due date.
    • Gain peace of mind knowing your due date ahead of time.
  • For South Carolina Customers only. Prepay for your power in smaller amounts when and how you choose.

    • Make payments on your own schedule — like when you get paid — so you can better manage your budget.
    • You simply pay in advance for the energy you use before you use it. When your account gets low, add more money. You’re in control.
  • Enjoy the ease and convenience of going paperless.

    • Get your bill online, reduce paper clutter.
    • Fastest way to get your bill, it’s easy to view and make payments.
    • Sign up for email reminders so you never forget to pay.
  • Need extra time to pay? We have flexible options to meet your needs.

    • If you need a few extra days to make a payment or resolve a past-due balance, we have flexible options available to help.
    • If you have experienced a temporary hardship, you may benefit from a short-term installment plan that spreads your outstanding balance over a short duration.
    • If you have a reduced income, a large outstanding balance, or other hardship, a longer-term arrangement gives you the benefit of smaller monthly installments.
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