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Health Check

Are you getting the most out of your heating and cooling system? The Smart $aver® Health Check evaluates your heat pump and air conditioner to ensure that your system operates as efficiently as possible and identify any issues that may require additional attention. Gain peace of mind by knowing that you are getting the most out of your system, while increasing the system's operating efficiency, saving energy and money, and improving your home's comfort.

Receive a $50 incentive for completing a Smart $aver Health Check!

The Smart $aver Health Check goes beyond an average tune-up to ensure that your heat pump or air conditioner is not just in good working condition, but that it operates efficiently as well. The Health Check includes four simultaneous diagnostic tests that identify exactly what, if anything, ails your system. The Health Check then provides recommendations to your contractor on what their next steps should be to optimize your system.

The process is simple:

  • Call and schedule an appointment for a Smart $aver Health Check with one of our Participating Contractors.
  • The contractor will perfom a Health Check on your system and let you know if your system is operating as efficiently as intended.
  • If your system is not operating efficiently, the contractor will complete a set of prescribed steps to increase performance until your system is optimized. As with any tune-up, in order to proceed with the Health Check and receive your incentive, your system may require more extensive service that would incur additional charges, at your option.
  • If your contractor is able to optimize your system, they will submit an Incentive Application for you.
  • If your system is operating efficiently, you will have the comfort of knowing that your system is at its optimal performance level. Because your system is already running at its designed efficiency, Duke Energy is not able to provide the $50 incentive.

Schedule your Health Check appointment with a Participating Contractor today!

Note: Duke Energy reserves the right to revise program requirements and incentive levels at any time. Incentives are subject to availability. For questions not addressed on the website, call 866-785-6209

Health Check vs. Preventive Maintenance vs. Tune-Up

Customers are often unclear on what different services can be performed on their HVAC systems. Many contractors offer different levels of service as shown in the chart* below.

Tune-up Health
Clean filters, outdoor coil & fan
Inspect connections/Calibrate thermostat(s)
Test safety controls
Test refrigerant pressures
Measure temperature drop and amp draw
Tests system temperatures & pressures simultaneously
Perform digital calculations based on system data
Identify issues based on simultaneous readings
$50 incentive for successful completion

*Note: This table generalizes services performed. Actual services performed will depend on selected contractor and service needs.

The Health Check incorporates the best of both the preventive maintenance and tune-up services. Using the diagnostic tool, a series of four tests are performed, allowing for simultaneous system readings and automated calculations which all but eliminate the chance of contractor error, resulting in more accurate recommendations. You can also receive a $50 incentive upon completion.

Confidence in contractor and service

Feel confident that your Health Check will be performed thoroughly and provide accurate results specific to your HVAC unit because all contractors have been certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) or Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI).

Assurance of system performance

Because the Health Check obtains digital readings directly from your system, automatically performs all the required calculations and displays test results and recommendations, you can be assured that the Health Check results are accurate. You can also view your system's results on the tool, or ask for a printed report.

Be comfortable and save money

By ensuring that your HVAC unit is operating efficiently, the Health Check can save you money on your energy costs, maximize comfort in your home and extend the life of your equipment.

Customer Eligibility:

Incentives are paid for qualifying Health Checks completed on or after June 1, 2012 for Duke Energy Indiana electric residential retail customers residing in single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and duplexes. Incentives are paid after inefficiencies are identified and corrected, and the Health Check is completed. Additionally, all application and supporting documentation must be successfully submitted and approved.

System Eligibility:

Health Checks can be completed on electric heat pumps and central air conditioners. Each system is only eligible for the Smart $aver incentive once during the life of the equipment.

Gas, oil and wood furnaces are not eligible for the incentive.

The Health Check is only available when the outside temperature is 60 degrees or higher. To be eligible for the $50 incentive, the Health Check must be completed in its entirety and result in your system's efficiency improving.

Health Check services that do not result in your system's efficiency improving are not eligible for the $50 incentive.

Each Health Check must be performed by a Participating Contractor and all applications must be submitted within 90 days of service to be eligible for the incentive.

Schedule your Health Check appointment with a Participating Contractor today!

Note: Duke Energy reserves the right to revise program requirements and incentive levels at anytime. Incentives are subject to availability. For questions not addressed on the website, call 866-785-6209.

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I've never had a system tune-up, why should I now?

If you've never had your system evaluated, you could be wasting energy and money. Just as an oil change and tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage and decrease the wear and tear on your motor, a Smart $aver Health Check of your heat pump or central air conditioner can make your system run more efficiently, while helping to prevent unexpected maintenance repairs.

What is a Participating Contractor?

Each Participating Contractor is a heating and cooling professional who’s met Duke Energy’s requirements, including completing program training, purchasing the appropriate equipment and completing Duke Energy's Participating Contractor sign-up form. Only these Participating Contractors are approved to perform the Health Check on behalf of Duke Energy.

Are the Participating Contractors certified?

Duke Energy requires that all contractors who participate in the Smart $aver Heath Check program are certified by either the Building Performance Institute (BPI) or by the North American Technicians Excellence (NATE) organization.

How do I apply for a Smart $aver incentive?

Your Participating Contractor will submit your Incentive Application for you.

Are certain weather conditions required in order to perform a Smart $aver Health Check?

Yes. In order for a contractor to correctly analyze your system, the outdoor temperature must be at least 60 degrees. This ensures that the diagnostic tests perform correctly. There are other system requirements that your contractor may discover as he or she takes measurements that may prevent a correct analysis at any given time. If the correct conditions do not exist, the contractor will not be able to perform the Health Check and your service will need to be rescheduled.

How often can I receive a Smart $aver Health Check incentive?

Your heat pump or central air conditioner is eligible for a Health Check incentive once during the life of the equipment.

Can I still receive the Health Check incentive if I have a service contract?

Yes. Regardless of your service contract status you may still be eligible for the Health Check incentive. Contact your service provider today and ask how to get your system checked during the life of your service contract. If your service provider does not participate in the Health Check program, contact a Participating Contractor from the list to find out how you can receive a Health Check.

Can I receive Health Check incentives for each electric heat pump or central air conditioner I have?

Yes. As long as all other requirements are met, your are eligible to receive an incentive for each piece of equipment, once in its lifetime.

Are Smart $aver Health Check incentives available for gas appliances?

No. Only electric heat pumps and central air-conditioning units are eligible for the Health Check.

Why does Duke Energy want to help me use less energy?

By 2030, demand for electricity in the United States is expected to grow by approximately 25 percent. In the past, utilities like Duke Energy would build new power plants to keep up with the rising demand for power.

But building new power plants is expensive, and each takes years to complete. Plus, new power plants can have a negative impact on our environment.

The cleanest, most efficient power plant is the one we never have to build. If we can help our customers save energy – and save money in the process – it can reduce the demand for new power plants.

Note: Duke Energy reserves the right to revise program requirements and incentive levels at anytime. Incentives are subject to availability. For questions not addressed on the website, call 866-785-6209.