Referral Program

It's easy to find a pro

You pay no membership fee or referral fee. We'll connect you with industry-certified professionals who are pre-screened and continuously monitored by Duke Energy to ensure that no matter what your improvement need, we have the right pro for you.

  1. get referral
    You'll get a referral ID generated specifically for you. In order for you to receive your rebate* and qualify for promotional offers, you must communicate your referral ID when contacting contractors.
  2. choose your pro

    Select the contractor you prefer based on their profile, customer ratings and availability. Your personal information is not shared with your referrals – you choose whom to contact.

  3. contractor review
    After your service is completed, your contractor will submit the necessary application for any eligible rebates and you will be given the opportunity to provide a contractor review.
*While non-Duke Energy customers are eligible to use the referral service and receive special contractor discounts and financing, only Duke Energy customers are eligible to receive Duke Energy rebates. The referral service is not available to customers residing in Ohio, Indiana or Florida.

What makes our referral
program different?

Up to $1,600 in rebates

Our Smart $aver rebates offer a variety of rebates to help you save money and improve the comfort and quality of your home.

The opportunity to speak with a live Smart Energy Specialist

A friendly, knowledgeable agent will ask questions to understand your situation, and then transfer you to the right professional.

Pro reviews to help you make the right decision

See how other customers just like you rated a pro's punctuality, professionalism, demeanor, thoroughness, communication skills and performance.

Exclusive discounts and financing

Many pros offer discounts, special financing and promotional pricing to help defray project costs and spread out upfront costs. If the work involved is eligible for Duke Energy cash rebates, the pro handles all the paperwork and the Duke Energy customer receives the benefits.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. That’s why we routinely perform inspections to help ensure pro work is being done to the highest standards and meeting your expectations. Referral pros are evaluated on each inspection and monitored monthly as a part of their overall performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, non-Duke Energy customers can still use our FREE referral service to find a contractor. However, only Duke Energy customers are eligible to receive our energy efficiency rebates.
  • After the referred contractor completes the work, he or she will fill out and submit the rebate form, along with any required documentation. Once we receive it, you will get your money in the mail. The process typically takes three to five weeks.
  • Being a participating contractor in our network is a privilege. Only those home improvement professionals who meet our requirements are invited to be part of our referral network. Only those contractors who consistently meet customer satisfaction goals and quality checks can remain in the program. Only these referred contractors are approved to perform work eligible for the Duke Energy Smart $aver program.
  • To be eligible, you must be a Duke Energy customer, and your qualified energy efficiency service or installation must be performed by one of our referral contractors. Please visit for a complete list of available rebates and eligibility requirements.
  • After the referred contractor completes the work, you will receive a survey via email to provide us feedback regarding your experience. You’ll be asked to rate your experience and satisfaction with your contractor. Your ratings and review will help Duke Energy ensure that we are providing contractors who can provide a quality experience for our customers.
  • No. We’ll provide you with up to three contractors to choose from, but the final choice is yours.
  • At this time, there may not be contractors in your service location who have met the requirements to be invited into the referral network. If this is the case, call us at 866.785.6209 and we can help you find a contractor.
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