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NC GreenPower

NC GreenPower

Support the development of clean, reliable green energy.

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Duke Energy is working with NC GreenPower, a nonprofit, statewide organization. NC GreenPower gives you the ability to support the development of clean power sources throughout North Carolina.
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Solar+ Schools

NC GreenPower’s Solar+Schools grant matching program provides grants for 3- to 5-kW solar educational projects at North Carolina K-12 schools. To date, North Carolina-based nonprofit NC GreenPower has installed solar power systems at 57 North Carolina K-12 schools. One hundred percent of participant contributions fund the installation costs for top-of-pole mount systems on school property, complete with a weather station,data monitoring, STEM curriculum and training for teachers. Participant contributions of $4 per month will be used to generate more clean energy by supporting the installation of these solar educational systems and create a rich learning environment for students.

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Why is renewable power so important?

Understand why you should get involved with NC GreenPower.
  • Improves the quality of the environment in North Carolina.

  • Your contributions are tax deductible and pass entirely to the nonprofit, NC GreenPower.

  • Green energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Green energy is an investment to future generations.

NC GreenPower

Visit the NC GreenPower website to learn more about NC GreenPower programs, including the Solar+ Schools grant program.
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Duke Energy does not profit from NC GreenPower. One-hundred percent of the funds collected are transferred to NC GreenPower, which supports local renewable projects in North Carolina.