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Summer Savings

More ways to save

Find products and services that can help you save energy and protect your budget.

Summer Savings

Your summer of savings starts now with our helpful solutions and energy-savings tips.

How does summer weather impact energy bills?

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Higher temperatures can often lead to an increase in energy use, which may result in a higher than usual bill. Our money-saving programs, tips and guidance can help lessen seasonal bill impacts. Other impacts, such as fuel costs and rate changes, may also affect your bill amount.

How can I lower my bill?

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Track your usage

Use the Duke Energy app or sign in to My Account to track when your energy usage is spiking and adjust habits that may be driving it up. We also send Usage Alerts midway through your billing cycle so you can take steps to help lower your usage before your bill arrives.

Change your habits

Making small adjustments in your home can help unlock energy savings.

- Adjust your thermostat to the highest comfortable setting.
- Use a fan to help reduce AC usage.
- Close blinds to keep the sun from heating up your home.
- Seal windows to prevent cool air from leaking out.
- Run heat-producing appliances at cooler times of the day.

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