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North Carolina Rate Case

Duke Energy Progress|NC Rate Case

Learn how we're building a smarter energy future.

On Feb. 23, 2018, the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) issued its order on the Duke Energy Progress rate request. We are currently evaluating the NCUC’s order and its exact impacts on customer rates, which will remain below the national average even after new rates go into effect. This transparent and thorough process with the NCUC and other stakeholders appears to have produced a result that balances the needs of customers and the company. Our investments over the past several years have helped transition to cleaner energy sources, while we safely close ash basins in ways that protect people and the environment.

On June 1, 2017, Duke Energy Progress made a request before the N.C. Utilities Commission (NCUC) to adjust customer bills. The request reflects important investments made to build a cleaner, smarter energy future for all North Carolinians.

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Generating cleaner electricity for a brighter future

We’ve been working hard to deliver electricity to our customers that is more reliable and cleaner than ever. We’ve retired half of our coal plants across the state and replaced them with cleaner sources of generation, including natural gas, carbon-free nuclear and abundant renewable energy. Investments in this case include:

  • Highly efficient natural gas units at Sutton Plant in Wilmington and Asheville Plant
  • Four new solar projects bringing cleaner energy to the state
Learn more about how Danny is demolishing old power plants to clear the way for a smarter energy future.

Managing coal ash responsibly and recycle byproducts

For decades, reliable, affordable electricity in North Carolina was made possible by coal. With coal came coal ash – the byproduct of decades of generating electricity from this resource to meet customer energy needs. 

We’re making strong progress using science and engineering to responsibly manage this waste, and recycle it when we can. Today, Duke Energy recycles about 75% of the coal combustion byproducts we produce in North Carolina. 

Find out ways that Dylan is recycling coal ash and other byproducts, turning a waste into a benefit for the state and the economy. 

The cost of these services, including compliance with state and federal regulations that govern our work, is a responsibility we all share as consumers of electricity, so that the public and the environment are protected now and in the future.

Responding to major storms

North Carolina has seen its share of major storms in recent years. Investments in this request include costs to repair thousands of poles and miles of lines damaged during Hurricane Matthew, Tropical Storm Hermine and multiple winter storms that brought historic impacts to the state. 

Ride along with Blake as he shares his life as a lineman, ready to serve in good weather and in bad.


  • Duke Energy Lineman

    Ride along with Blake as he shares his life as a lineman, ready to serve in good weather and in bad.

  • Beneficial Reuse of Coal Ash

    Duke Energy employee Dylan explains how his team is working to recycle waste into products that benefit communities and the economy.

  • Building a Smarter Energy Future

    Duke Energy employee Danny spent his career at his hometown power plant. Now he’s tearing it down to build a cleaner, smarter energy future.

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