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Our Mission

The power quality effort includes industry leaders. We offer a complete family of power quality services. We go beyond the energy meter to find power quality solutions. We can help prevent future problems. We have the equipment and expertise to analyze power quality problems outside and inside customer facilities.

Our three-part approach

We are actively responding to the power quality problem with a three-part approach. This approach seeks to understand the customer point of view, solves problems and helps prevent future problems for our customers. We focus on helping our customers minimize down time. The three elements of this program are:

1. Educate Our Customers and Employees
We offer power quality education programs that are available at many of our local offices or even in your facility. These programs include power quality issues and an understanding of the electric system from our generators to the final end use in your facility.These programs are available to anyone who deals with customers on power quality issues.
2. Assist Customers
We have the expertise and equipment available to:
  • assist customers with wiring & grounding checks
  • provide troubleshooting assistance
  • install power quality disturbance analyzers
  • analyze the output
  • suggest corrective action.
We routinely provide power quality troubleshooting services and prepare written reports for customers. We can help with equipment recommendations and other solutions as appropriate.

3. Improve Our Performance
Last, but certainly not least, we are constantly seeking ways to improve the delivered quality of your electric service.  We are committed to finding cost effective ways to improve reliability and power quality for our customers.