Rave Reviews

We could tell you about how The National Theatre for Children (NTC) program is received in our communities, but no one would describe it better than the students and teachers who experienced and enjoyed it. 


"This fantastic, high-energy program not only kept my children entertained but also taught them valuable information that can be used at school and at home. Thank you! The kiddos had a blast!"

– Gini Sellers, Kindergarten teacher, Lincoln Charter School, Denver, NC

"The program kept the children’s attention. It was very informative and enjoyable. My own child (he’s 6) couldn’t wait to complete the booklet. He was also very excited about signing up for the energy kit. Great show! Awesome actors!"

– Lynn Wicker, third-grade teacher, Boundary Street Elementary, Newberry, SC

"The actors engaged the children and were able to reach even our non-English speakers with their gestures and visual aids. A very nice program. Thank you."
– Robin Robb, first-grade teacher, Ecole Francaise Bilingue, Greenville, SC

"The actors were GREAT! Their enthusiasm was contagious and the kids (and teachers) really enjoyed them. I think the message was clear and easy to understand… nice job!"
– Terri Baroch, fourth-grade teacher, Freedom Elementary School, West Chester, OH

"Excellent job. Great performers and great curriculum taught in a fun way the kids will remember."

– Sara Jones, third-grade teacher, Indian Hill Elementary, Cincinnati, OH

"This was one of the BEST educational and FUN assemblies I have attended in my 30+ years of teaching. Wow!!"
– Deb Hogue, fourth-grade teacher, Kramer Elementary, Oxford, OH

"This was a fantastic performance - short enough to keep students engaged and fun enough to keep them interested through the entire skit! BRAVO!"
– Beth Davis, fifth-grade teacher, Kramer, Oxford, OH

"Great presentation. Very informative, energetic and on grade level."
– Gregg Iverson, eighth-grade teacher, Welborn Academy of Science & Technology, High Point, NC

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