Need help saving energy and safeguarding cold products?

Direct Efficiency® offers businesses with commercial refrigeration systems a solution that reduces energy consumption, safeguards cold products and enhances system oversight. Whether you have walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, laboratory cold-room environments, or even large refrigerated warehouses, our solutions can be scaled and customized to fit your needs – with no upfront capital.

When you operate a restaurant, grocery store, convenience store or other food-related business, your refrigeration costs can make up as much as 60% of your energy bill*. We offer a comprehensive tool set – energy-efficient motor upgrades, smart controls, alerts and diagnostics – that will help reduce your energy consumption. We help you save money, improve oversight and increase profits.
*Source: U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC) Retrofit: Field-Test

How Direct Efficiency benefits you and your business

We design, fund, install, meter and maintain your energy-efficient upgrades and only bill for a portion of every dollar you save. Let Direct Efficiency handle your energy upgrades so you can focus on building your business.

  • No upfront costs

  • Reduce energy usage and save from Day 1

  • Maintenance during contract term

  • Repayment based on metered savings

  • Help safeguard your cold products

  • Actionable temperature & system alarms

  • Real-time analytics

How we help you save

  • Smart walk-in cooler and freezer controls: Retrofit with custom cooling schedules, controls and alarms

  • Anti-sweat door heater controls: Only runs heat when needed to reduce energy usage

  • Motor upgrades and controllers: Increases the ability to control motor fan speeds inside evaporator boxes to promote greater efficiency

  • Temperature and system alarms: Timely and actionable email/mobile alerts with solution-based content

  • Real-time analytics and online dashboard: Alerts you when temperature falls out of range and diagnoses what caused the issue
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Additional Resources

In addition to our team member support, more information is available for all of our Direct Efficiency energy system upgrade offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Direct Efficiency is not financing; it is a true service contract. This means that you pay only a portion of what you actually save. There are no fixed payments, and if equipment isn’t performing, you aren’t on the hook.
  • The Direct Efficiency model is structured so that our goals are aligned with yours. We take on most of the risk associated with these system upgrades – you don’t have to worry about upfront costs, maintenance or whether the actual savings will live up to projections. Our years of experience negotiating with contractors, procuring materials and designing complex systems means the most efficient equipment upgrades for you. Instead of asking you to front the money for the upgrade or pay a fixed amount each month regardless of your savings, we get paid based on a portion of your actual metered savings. Your savings are based on your actual energy usage, not a hypothetical estimate of what your energy savings might be. For customers who are capital-constrained or hesitant to take the next step, this risk-free approach can provide an appealing alternative.
  • We pay for all costs associated with your equipment upgrade – from design to installation – and provide replacement parts and maintenance of the equipment installed for the duration of our contract. We install a revenue-grade meter to measure exactly how much energy the new system consumes. We then determine your measured savings and use your actual monthly electric rate to calculate the exact savings in dollars and cents – and then bill you for a portion.
  • You could see savings on your bill steadily increase from day one of equipment installation (even before your service period begins) – all the way to project completion and beyond.
  • We currently work with businesses of various sizes in a variety of industries – manufacturing plants, warehouses, condominium buildings, schools, big-box retail stores, grocery stores and more.
  • Yes, Direct Efficiency can help customers decrease their carbon footprint in a way that is fast, easy and improves their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scores. LED lighting, HVAC or refrigeration equipment upgrades all translate to substantial energy and carbon savings. Regardless of which technology we’re working together to implement, we’ll provide you with an estimate of how your upgrade compares to cars removed from the road, as a measure of the positive impact you’re having on the environment.
  • To date, we’ve deployed a wide variety of technologies and brands. The only product we’re tied to is the one that’s right for the job. The specific technologies used are secondary to the savings they generate and their lifetime reliability. Since we only get paid when you save – and are responsible for any replacements – our interests are aligned with yours. We want systems that are reliable, perform well and save energy.
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