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Powering Kentucky

Creating meaningful impact in our communities.

The Duke Energy Foundation is focused on helping strengthen and uplift communities throughout Kentucky with grant funding highlighting vibrant economies, climate resiliency and justice, equity and inclusion.

K-12 Education Grants accepted Nov. 15 - Jan. 31
Bright futures begin in the classroom by creating a learning environment that is equal and inclusive for all students through grants focused on:
  • Energy and engineering education for K-12 students and teachers, with preference given to programs serving under-represented, low-income or diverse audiences, including people of color, women and minorities and out-of-school time programs.
  • Grants are considered for requests greater than $10,000.
Workforce Grants accepted Feb.1 - Apr. 30
These grants focus our commitment to vibrant economies through programs such as:
  • Workforce development training for jobs vital to the energy economy, with a focus on underrepresented populations
  • Community revitalization and local economic development efforts
  • Economic recovery for customers and communities facing unprecedented challenges
  • Grants are considered for requests greater than $10,000.

Urban Revitalization Grants accepted Apr. 1 - Jun. 15
Grant applications may include, but are not limited to, projects that:
  • Deter the decline of cities, neighborhoods,and main street corridors
  • Impact job growth or retention
  • Support community vitality
  • Act as catalysts to spur additional commercial redevelopment activities
  • Create jobs through commercial redevelopment
  • Grants are considered for requests greater than $10,000.

Nature Grants accepted May 1 - Jul. 31
Our nature based grantmaking will address our desire to highlight programs that reflect a commitment to climate resiliency, such as:
  • Environmental projects supporting land conservation; clean water; and biodiversity of plant and animal species
  • Environmental resiliency projects that prepare communities for and mitigate against the effects of climate change
  • Natural disaster preparedness and response
  • Thriving natural environments, including access to green space, in historically underserved and environmental justice communities*
  • Programs supporting the “just transition” for communities transitioning to cleaner energy generation**
  • Grants are considered for requests greater than $10,000.

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Local Impact Grants
Local Impact Grants are grants up to $10,000 for work in the areas of vibrant economies, climate resiliency and justice, equity and inclusion. Our Local Impact grants are open year-round.
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*Learn more about environmental justice on the EPA’s website.
**View one description of a just transition.