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Employee Profiles

Duke Energy makes life better for millions of people every day. A large part of our success stems from the ability to tap the full potential of our diverse employee population.

Meet some of the great talent at Duke Energy and find out what they think is unique about working here.

  • Doe-D

    Development & Research Specialist

  • Bill

    Senior Recruiting Specialist

  • Travis

    Transmission Coordinator

Doe-D - Development and Research Specialist

What I do: I support several departments that use a Web-based customer relationship management tool, so we can better understand our large-business customers. My work directly affects how we work to meet our customers' needs, and their overall satisfaction.

Why Duke Energy? As an intern, I saw the many career opportunities available to me as an engineer - design, maintenance, operations and even non-engineering roles.

Best part about working here: The wide-open opportunities to advance my career. I started as an engineering intern, and later worked as an engineer at McGuire Nuclear Station. When I was ready to branch out, I was able to move into my current job in our corporate office.

What's in it for me: Duke's tuition reimbursement program helped me to get my MBA. I've developed an internal network through Employee Resource Groups (the Leadership Development, African American and Business Women's Networks), which also offer community volunteer opportunities. And I take full advantage of Duke's Matching Gifts program when I donate to Siegel Avenue Partners, a literacy program for minority students in the Charlotte school system.

Bill - Senior Recruiting Specialist

What I do: I manage Duke Energy's Co-op and Internship program. That means recruiting candidates for about 300 positions each year. I also work with managers who want to hire co-ops and interns, maintain key relationships with colleges and universities and take part in career fairs and conferences.

Why Duke Energy? I was impressed by Duke's reputation in the community and the opportunities a company of this size and stability can offer. Best part about working here: The flexibility for career development in just about any field you can think of. I also like the fact that the company takes such an interest in the areas where we operate.

What's in it for me: I'm taking advantage of Duke Energy's Retirement Savings Plan/401-k. I participate in leadership training opportunities through the company's Leadership Development Network. Employees are also encouraged to get involved in the community. I volunteer at Joshua's Farm, a fully-accessible working farm that's designed for people with special needs.

Travis - Transmission Coordinator

What I do: Troubleshooting and restoring the transmission lines and substations when there's a power outage or a potential problem.

Why Duke Energy? Back in middle school, I got interested in electricity and how Duke Energy produces and delivers it. I knew I wanted to be part of that.

Best part about working here: The dedication to safety. I'll never forget my first assignment - "Keep your hands in your pocket, and observe the hazards of the equipment surrounding you." I knew right away that safety comes first at Duke Energy - even ahead of the job.

What's in it for me: I've taken advantage of leadership training that's open to all employees. Through the LDN (Leadership Development Network), I had an opportunity to make a business proposal at the executive level. I'm currently receiving tuition assistance for college. I give back to the community by volunteering for service projects, like Habitat for Humanity. The company even helps me support my son's football league.