Pump Rebates

Pumps can account for 75% or more of energy use in a business. By replacing existing pumps or investing in new high-efficiency pumps, you can significantly reduce energy costs. Rebates are available for both process pumping and HVAC.

Smart $aver Prescriptive Rebate Program

Duke Energy's Smart $aver® Prescriptive program provides rebates for qualifying high-efficiency equipment. In addition to Pumps, rebates are offered for VFDs, HVAC, Chillers, Information Technology, Lighting, Process Equipment and Food Service Equipment.

If your equipment isn't included in the Prescriptive program, it may qualify under the Smart $aver Custom Incentive program.

Do you have a Smart $aver® Rebate program or application question?

Require clarity on program requirements? Need answers on what additional supporting documentation is necessary? Unsure if your equipment qualifies? Submit your inquiry electronically or contact us at 866.380.9580.

Do you have a technology or equipment question?

Have technical questions about high-efficiency equipment? Want to compare one technology to another? Submit your inquiry electronically or contact us at 866.380.9580.
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