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Construction Toolbox

Construction Toolbox

Here you'll find the tools and information you need to help us provide safe and reliable electric service.

Underground Distribution Plan

Information on installing underground power lines, including charges, provisions and other regulations
North Carolina (pdf, 92 KB)                                                     
South Carolina (pdf, 34 KB)

Transformer Specs

Three-phase Padmount (pdf, 3.5 MB)
Engineering specifications for padmount transformers

Transmission Medium-Power (pdf, 82 KB)
Sizes and ratings for medium-power transformers

Installation Specs

Underground Cable Locator
What to do before you dig

Conduit Under Roads (pdf, 19 KB)
Diagram for proper placement of a power conduit under roads

Conduit Under Driveways (pdf, 184 KB)
Guidelines for installing conduit under driveways

Right-of-Way Information
Details on Duke Energy's right-of-way policies

Electric Service Installation Provisions (pdf, 69 KB)
Provisiones Para la Instalación del Servicio Eléctrico (pdf, 74 KB)
Checklist for preparing a site for power line installation, in English and Spanish

Service Requirements Manual (pdf, 1.79 MB)
Guidelines and specs for meter installations

Subdivision Checklist (pdf, 34 KB)
Checklist used in setting up service to a new subdivision


Information on residential and commercial electric rates in the Carolinas
North Carolina
South Carolina