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New Coal Generation

More than half of the power produced in the United States is generated using coal. The continued use of coal is fundamental to Duke Energy as we plan for new power plants to economically and reliably meet our customers’ growing need for electricity.

Duke Energy has constructed two types of coal plants to meet our customers’ growing demand. In the Carolinas, we have built a modern and highly efficient 825-megawatt advanced clean-coal unit that incorporates an array of air quality control technologies to reduce emissions. Its high efficiency also means it burns less coal per megawatt-hour than most other coal units in the nation. This project at our Cliffside Steam Station also included the retirement of four existing units.

In Indiana, we have built a state-of-the-art 618-megawatt integrated gasification combined-cycle power plant that converts coal to a synthetic gas that is used to produce power. This project is in southwest Indiana near Edwardsport and is one of the world’s cleanest coal-fired plants. Edwardsport is the largest in the world to gasify coal and strip out many pollutants. The result is cleaner power to meet increasingly strict environmental regulations.