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International Energy

Duke Energy International (DEI), headquartered in Houston, Texas, owns, operates and manages power generation facilities in seven countries in Central and South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru. DEI owns and operates approximately 4,400 MW of installed capacity from its generation facilities with hydro comprising approximately two-thirds of its generating capacity.

The majority of DEI's generation is either contracted or receiving a system capacity payment. In 2014, DEI remained as the fourth-largest private generator of electricity in South and Central America based on net capacity. In addition to its power generation facilities, DEI has an equity investment in National Methanol Company, a Saudi Arabian regional producer of methanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive.

Duke Energy Corporation began investing in Latin America in 1998. DEI offers safe, reliable, high-quality power generation services to the communities it serves. DEI's strategy is focused on optimizing the value of its Latin American portfolio and expanding through investment in clean power generation opportunities in targeted countries for growth in Latin America.

Where We Are

Duke Energy International Locations

Headquarters: Houston, Texas
DEI installed capacity: 4,690 MW
Net owned capacity: 4,392 MW
President (Duke Energy International): Andrea Bertone

Duke Energy International Earnings and Generation Capacity



DEI's Argentinian business consists of two plants located in Neuquén in southwestern Argentina:

  • Hidroeléctrica Cerros Colorados, a 479-MW, two-reservoir, four-dam complex; and
  • Central Térmica Alto Valle, a 97-MW thermal plant.

In addition to power generation, the hydro complex is also used for flood control and irrigation.

Duke Energy Argentina also owns licenses to market power and natural gas in the country.

Installed capacity: 576 MW
Net owned capacity: 575 MW*
President: Mariana Schoua

*Includes DEI’s 3% participation in FONINVEMEM.



Duke Energy Brazil has eight hydroelectric plants with 2,057 MW net installed capacity located on the border of Sao Paulo and Parana states, and owns two small hydro power plants, each with installed capacity of 16.5 MW, located on the Sapucai Mirim River in northern Sao Paulo State.

Currently, 100% of the electricity generated by Duke Energy Brazil comes from hydroelectric sources. In recent years, the company produced an average of 1,008 GWh/month, enough energy to sustain more than 6 million families.*

*Source: Ministry of Mines and Energy - calculation of average consumption per residential consumer of 167 kWh.

Installed capacity: 2,275 MW
Net owned capacity: 2,090 MW
President: Armando Henriques



DEI's Chilean business owns and operates two generation facilities located on the Duqueco River in the Biobio Region, east of Concepcion, Chile:

  • Duqueco, a 140-MW hydroelectric facility, consisting of two plants, Peuchen and Mampil, and;
  • Yungay, a 222-MW thermal power generation plant.

DEI entered the Chilean market three years ago. Yungay was acquired in June 2012 and Duqueco was acquired in December 2012.

Installed capacity: 362 MW
Net owned capacity: 362 MW
President: Diego Hollweck



In Ecuador, DEI owns and operates Electroquil, a thermal power generation plant located in the city of Guayaquil, the industrial center of Ecuador. The plant consists of four General Electric LM6000 turbines, originally 40 MW each. After upgrades were completed in 2008, the plant capacity increased to its current level of 192 MW.

Installed capacity: 192 MW
Net owned capacity: 163 MW
President: Raul Espinoza


El Salvador

Duke Energy El Salvador owns and operates two thermal power plant complexes: Acajutla, located near the port of Acajutla, and Soyapango in the city of San Salvador.

With 21% of the installed capacity in the country, Duke Energy El Salvador is the largest private power generator in El Salvador.

Installed capacity: 324 MW
Net owned capacity: 293 MW
President: Hugo Ferrer



Duke Energy Guatemala owns and operates 360 MW of thermal generation located in southern Guatemala including generating facilities in Escuintla (Las Palmas I and II), Amatitlán (La Laguna) and Puerto Quetzal (Arizona).

DEI participates in regional market transactions among the interconnected Central American countries through imports and exports with Guatemala and El Salvador, and exports to Panama.

Installed capacity: 360 MW
Net owned capacity: 360 MW
President: Hugo Ferrer



DEI's Peruvian businesses include Duke Energy Egenor (“Egenor”) and Aguaytia Energy (“Aguaytia”).

Egenor owns four power generation plants, as well as transmission facilities. Egenor’s generating assets include two hydro facilities, Cañón del Pato and Carhuaquero. The hydro plants are run-of-river with a few small daily reservoirs. Transmission facilities include two lines of 138 kV and 220 kV for interconnection to the national grid system.

The Aguaytia integrated energy project consists of natural gas and transmission facilities in addition to power generation assets.

Aguaytia, located in the Amazon basin of Peru, produces and processes natural gas for a power plant comprised of two simple-cycle gas turbines.

A 250-mile, 220 kV transmission line and associated substations deliver the electricity from the central jungle region of Peru over the Andes Mountains to the coast north of Lima for interconnection to the national grid system. LPG, extracted from the natural gas, is sold in the Peruvian market and the natural gas condensate is sold to a refinery in Pucallpa.

Installed capacity: 549 MW
Net owned capacity: 549 MW
President: Raul Espinoza


Saudi Arabia

Duke Energy owns a 25% equity interest in National Methanol Company (NMC), a 50/50 partnership between Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and CTE Petrochemicals Company (CTE). CTE is a 50/50 partnership between Celanese and Duke.

NMC is located in Al-Jubail Industrial City in the Eastern province on the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. NMC produces methanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) with available capacity of 1 million metric tons per year of each commodity.