We are working hard to improve reliability, reduce outages, strengthen the power grid against severe weather and prepare our system for the future.

Part of this work involves upgrading or replacing existing underground power lines to:

  • Address reliability concerns
  • Expand capacity to better serve a growing community
  • Add smart, self-healing capabilities and automation
  • Strengthen the line against outages and impacts
  • Replace damaged or end-of-service lines and components

These grid improvements can help improve the customer experience, make the electric system more resilient and enable smarter, cleaner energy technologies.


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If you have additional questions, please contact our Public Engagement Managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customers will see large equipment working in the area of the line improvements, often for several weeks at a time. Equipment may include utility trucks, as well as digging and boring equipment. Crews will need to dig or bore along the power line easement, and in some cases may need to access backyards and other areas of the property to work on the line.
  • Traffic may be impacted by power line improvement work for reasons such as: crews working in close proximity to the road, lane closures, traffic flow changes, and in some cases temporary road closures. We will work with property owners in the area, when needed, to notify them of closures and will use signage to clearly mark work zones and traffic flow changes.

  • Once the work is complete, we will restore the site as close as possible to pre-work conditions, including seeding and placement of straw in grassy areas. If additional concerns arise, or if the site requires additional work, we will work with property owners to address the situation.

  • We are making smart, strategic improvements across the state to increase reliability; strengthen the grid against outages from severe weather and other impacts; expand cleaner energy options like solar, battery storage and electric vehicles; and give customers more options and control over their energy use and tools to save money.

  • We want to keep you informed about work that may impact your property. We will attempt to notify you in advance of work taking place that involves digging or major construction along easements that may be on your property. 

    In addition, some projects may include a local public engagement manager who will work directly with customers to address questions or concerns they may have about the project. Regardless, if you have questions about planned work in your area, you may contact us and a representative will respond to you, typically within 24-48 hours.
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