A new transmission line and substation upgrades will help strengthen the electric grid and improve reliability in southern Pasco and northern Pinellas counties. The new transmission line will be constructed within an existing Duke Energy easement.

Project at a Glance

The Project: Construction of a new transmission line between the Anclote Substation at 736 Baillies Bluff Road and the Tarpon Springs Substation at 101 Cemetery Road. Substation expansion at Tarpon Springs
Project area: Southern Pasco and northern Pinellas counties
Transmission line length: 5.3 miles
Line voltage: 230 kilovolts
Pole heights and type: Single-pole steel or concrete approximately 90 to 120 feet
Construction start: Summer 2022
Project completion: Spring 2023

Interactive Map

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View Interactive map - a useful tool for viewing the transmission line route and project details with features such as search, zoom and measure.

Route Map

Thumbnail showing route of new Anclote transmission line.
The route for the new 5.3-mile transmission line follows an existing Duke Energy easement. View larger image.

Interactive Map

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View Interactive map - a useful tool for viewing the transmission line route and project details with features such as search, zoom and measure.
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Transmission and what we do

 Watch our short video to learn more about the importance of transmission and how it plays a vital role in powering our communities.


  • Planning and Design

    Through 2021

  • Preconstruction activities

    Mid 2019 to Fall 2022

  • Construction Start

    Summer 2022

  • Project Completion

    Spring 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As Florida’s population grows, so do its energy needs. Our forecasts predict that Florida’s energy needs will grow by approximately 10 percent over the next decade. The transmission system in Florida is an open access system, meaning the transmission system serves all utilities in the state and their customers. The new transmission line and substation expansion will help strengthen reliability to meet growing demand and will enhance the ability of Duke Energy and other utilities to provide safe and reliable energy to homes, community facilities and businesses in Pinellas and Pasco counties and the region.

  • Engineers and planners use growth and usage projections, as well as continuous monitoring of the electric system, to identify the need for expansion of the system that serves our customers in Florida. Since it can take several years to plan, develop, engineer, and construct a project, projects are proposed in advance to ensure the new facilities are in place and ready to meet customers’ needs. 

  • Construction crews generally work weekdays during daylight hours and carry identification showing their affiliation with Duke Energy. The crews use a variety of vehicles and equipment to place and erect poles and to string wires. We anticipate temporary traffic lane/trail closings along the route. Potential helicopter work may also be required. Following construction, the area will be restored as closely as possible to its original condition.

  • Yes. In advance of construction, our team will review vegetation and encroachments, such as structures, signs and other items that will need to be removed from the easement to make room for construction and for the safe and reliable operation of the new transmission line. We will work with property owners in advance of these activities on their properties.

  • Current construction plans call for the transmission line to be suspended on steel or concrete monopole (single pole) structures. The average height of the new steel or concrete transmission poles is 90 feet and 120 feet.  Distance between each will range from 600 to 1,000 feet on average.

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