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Shift and save every day with My Select Rate.

Choose your time period by selecting a 3-hour period on summer afternoons and winter mornings when you can shift your energy use and save.  Duke Energy will reduce your electric rate for the rest of the year (including weekends and holidays), and set a higher rate only for those three hours each weekday that you choose. Thatís only 4% of the time. You can save money and help reduce the need for additional electricity generation.

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"I think more about my energy use, and it provides a structure to my day."

- Patrick O.

"It was user friendly."

- Sarah B.

"I like saving energy, money, and the environment."

- Joseph C.

"I think that saving energy is very important and if you can save money while saving energy, why not?."

- Joseph C.

"I learned a lot about how to save and use energy wisely."

- Tiffany R.