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The Story of Energy

The Story of Energy

The Story of Energy offers a fun and interactive way to learn about electricity.  Visitors of all ages will discover how energy is made from water, coal and uranium. The self-guided tour within the education center lets you explore at your own pace; but, on average, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. To ensure you have plenty of time to experience all the exhibits, you’ll want to begin your tour by 4:15 p.m. Afterwards, children can enjoy testing what they learned on our video games.

Energy Made from Water

Learn About HydroelectricityBegin your tour learning all about hydroelectricity, which is how Duke Energy got its start. Put simply, hydroelectricity uses the force of falling water to generate power. Visitors will see examples of this through a working water wheel. You’ll also discover how local waterways, like Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee, interact to produce electricity.

Energy Made from Coal

Energy From CoalNext, you’ll venture into our version of a coal mine and learn how energy stored in coal is eventually converted into electricity. Interactive exhibits demonstrate this process, showing you how coal is burned to create thermal energy, which is then converted into mechanical and electrical energy.

Energy Made from Uranium

Understanding Nuclear EnergyFinally, step into a fission chamber to learn how energy is made from tiny particles called atoms. This portion of your tour will help you better understand nuclear energy and will explain how power plants like Oconee Nuclear Station operate. You’ll also see just how safe and secure these facilities are.