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Butterfly Garden

Beautiful Butterflies

The garden behind the World of Energy features a variety of plants that attract beautiful butterflies. After touring the Story of Energy, take a relaxing stroll through the garden or have a seat and wait for the butterflies to come to you.

Benches in the GardenButterfly in the Garden

In our garden, you're most likely to see butterflies between May and mid-September. While a few butterflies will hang around through Fall, the insects always migrate at the end of the year and often don't return until late Spring. The World of Energy's butterfly garden is home to Tiger Swallowtails, which is the official state butterfly of South Carolina. You’ll also see Silver-Spotted Skippers, Monarchs, and Gulf Fritillary.

These species come to the garden for two reasons. They are seeking energy through the nectar-rich plants, and they are using the bushes as host plants — the plants on which butterflies lay their eggs.