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A butterfly garden is located near the Outdoor Classroom.

What better way for a student to experience nature than spending time in the outdoors. Along the Bear and Eagle trails, special features have been added to enhance the studentís experience.

Insect shelters consisting of a hinged board allow students to lift and view insects in a natural setting. Vernal ponds, which receive no stream inflow, provide water for local wildlife.

Butterflies appear in the spring and can be observed until the fall. A butterfly garden near the Outdoor Classroom includes several plant species attractive to butterflies as places to lay their eggs or as a food source. Several butterfly varieties can be observed in the garden.

Feeding stations along the trails attract local wildlife that leave behind tracks and other signs of their visits. Students use a field guide to identify tracks, as well as tree and flora species.

With special instruments available in the Outdoor Classroom, students can measure the temperature, barometric pressure, identify cloud formations and gather other information related to the weather.