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An Invaluable Resource

Whether it is in your classroom or ours, the EnergyExplorium is an excellent way to educate your students about electricity, nuclear energy and many other topics. School groups who visit the EnergyExplorium can explore many interactive exhibits, watch a presentation, try out the scavenger hunt on the nature trail and enjoy many other activities. Scroll down to see what we have to offer school groups. Admission to the EnergyExplorium is free.

Please call 980.875.5600, option 1, or email the EnergyExplorium to schedule a group visit. We can also visit you in your classroom and give your students a presentation. Call for more details about the EnergyExplorium coming to you.

   Plasma Globe

The Generation and Transmission of Electricity
Recommended for fourth to sixth graders. Our basic electricity presentation explains what electricity is, how it is produced and transmitted. Our expert presenter will explore the basics of electricity through interactive demonstrations, which include our famous Van de Graaff generator. Students will learn about generators, conductors, insulators, turbines, magnets and more! See a sample of this presentation (PPT file).
  Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy
Recommended for students above the sixth grade level. Students will learn about McGuire Nuclear Station and how electricity is generated by nuclear power plants. This program is a brief introduction into nuclear energy. Topics covered include radiation, uranium, how a nuclear power plant works, fission, careers in the nuclear industry and the benefits of nuclear energy. Students will see what uranium looks like, how a Geiger counter works and the rigorous dress requirements for nuclear workers. 
   Energy Efficiency Energy and Energy Efficiency
Recommended for students above the fourth grade level. This presentation is a great introduction into energy and energy efficiency. Our expert presenter covers different types of energy, the many methods in which it is produced, energy use in the United States and how to conduct a home audit and be more energy efficient. For a sample of this presentation, click here (PDF).
  Interactive Exhibits Interactive Exhibits
The EnergyExplorium features many fun and educational exhibits. We have exhibits that track the weather, test your knowledge of energy, take you on a virtual tour of McGuire Nuclear Station and lets you conduct a home audit on a virtual home. We also have activity sheets available to all school groups which accompany the exhibits.
  Movie Collection  A Vast Movie Collection
Our movie library features favorites such as "Sid the Science Kid," "The Magic School Bus," "Planet Earth" and more. Take a look at our catalog (PDF). We have movies for all ages.
 Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt and Nature Trail
All school groups are welcome to try and find the items on our scavenger hunt while enjoying our beautiful, mile-long nature trail. We have 22 different types of trees on the trail and countless wildflowers and critters too! Groups can checkout our pioneer backpacks that contain binoculars, nature trail guides, compasses and magnifying glasses. Our nature trail is easily navigable and perfect for school groups learning about the outdoor world. Get a map here (PDF).
 Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden
During spring and summer our butterfly garden is a popular location for the region's most beautiful butterflies and insects. Study blue dragonflies as they zoom around orange and yellow lantana. Students get to see first-hand how this eco-system operates and thrives.
 Picnic Shelter Picnic Shelter
Bring your lunch and enjoy a lovely picnic at our fabulous picnic shelter that looks out on to McGuire's beautiful lawn, our butterfly garden and Lake Norman.
      Teacher Packets Teacher Packets
Every teacher who brings a school group receives a teacher packet filled with classroom activities, information sheets and lesson plans.

We can also come to your school and offer:

  • Presentations with hands-on props.
  • Judges for science fairs and projects
  • Career Day representatives
  • Aids for your energy lesson plans
  • Savings on gasoline for other field trips
  • EnergyExplorium event information
  • Recess for you, too!

To schedule a group visit, call the EnergyExplorium at 800.777.0003 or 980.875.5600, option 1.