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Energy Saving Tips

Energy and Money Saving Tips for Your Business or Organization

Key Points

  • Finding innovative ways to reduce operating costs can help make your business more competitive.
  • Look for cost-saving opportunities in your energy use, office areas and travel expenses.
  • Social media and email marketing can provide free or low-cost advertising for your business.

From Government Tips at In a competitive economy, every business is looking for ways to reduce expenses. From energy use to advertising, the following tips are innovative ways to lower your operating costs and increase profitability.


  • Install energy-efficient lighting technologies, such as light-emitting diode (LED) lamps.
  • Reduce or eliminate any unnecessary lighting and install motion sensors in restrooms, copy rooms, kitchens and other areas with intermittent use. Install timers and dusk-to-dawn lighting outdoors.
  • Turn off printers, computers and monitors when they are not in use; turning off electronic equipment at the end of the day can reduce energy consumption by 25 percent. A single computer monitor draws about 100 watts per day; if it is left on overnight and on weekends, it can increase your energy bill by $30 or more each year.
  • Use laptop computers wherever possible; they use 90 percent less energy than desktop models.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to save energy by adjusting building temperatures based on occupancy schedules.


  • Switch to a smaller, local Internet Service Provider (ISP); local ISPs offer good value for the money. Also, inquire about their web-hosting service; many small ISPs offer reduced or even free web hosting.
  • Consider switching your phone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a phone system that uses your computer and the Internet to send and receive calls. This option can save up to 60 percent over a service.
  • If you do not want to switch your phone company, consider reducing the number of phone lines in your facility by configuring office computers to send and receive faxes.
  • Office expenses
  • To reduce leasing costs and other overhead, consider moving to an executive suite—a grouping of private offices that share a receptionist and other common areas. You will have a business mailing address and someone to answer and forward calls.
  • If you use and maintain multiple printers, consider networking them, helping to save on energy and maintenance costs, and discourage unnecessary printing.
  • Buy used and refurbished office furniture, computer equipment, accessories and copiers; they cost a fraction of the price of new models.
  • If you must purchase new equipment, shop trade shows, wholesale clubs and other deep-discount stores rather than buying at retail stores.
  • Clean up company mailing lists and plan all shipping, mailing and deliveries to take advantage of bulk transactions. The U.S. Postal Service will clean up mailing lists and correct addresses at no cost, and you will be eligible for bar code discounts.
  • Combine your mail with that of other businesses in the area to take advantage of large mailer discounts, or stockpile mail to increase volume.

Advertising costs

  • Take advantage of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with potential customers and business partners and promote your business and services at no cost.
  • Create an email marketing campaign to target specific customers with information about products or services that might interest them. This electronic form of direct marketing is cheaper and more effective than mass mailing.

Save on traveling

  • Search for discounted tickets and special deals on flights with air carriers. Fares vary during the week; book flights in the middle of the week when they tend to be less expensive.
  • Avoid parking at the airport; use park-and-fly companies that offer free shuttle service.
  • Use a discount rental car agency and mandate that employees traveling together share items, such as rental cars and taxis. Also, use hotels that offer free shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • The Internet also makes it possible to conduct business without the expense of travel. Try using web conferencing tools to conduct sales calls and presentations with customers.

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