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TOU DEP Business

Shift and save every day with the
Time-of-Use Rate SGS-TOUE program.

You may qualify to enroll in a new electric rate that could save you money. Under this program, you pay a higher rate during times of the day when demand for electricity is higher, and a lower rate during times when demand for electricity is lower. The rates are incentives to shift electric-use away from peak demand hours.

The Time-of-Use Rate SGS-TOUE program enables you to save money IF you shift your energy-use away from high-demand on-peak and shoulder hours that are at a higher kWh rate. The more electric-use you shift away from those hours, the more money you could save. You pay the off-peak rate during the remaining hours in the day, including weekends and holidays.

How can you shift electric-use away from on-peak and shoulder hours? Take simple steps such as adjusting your thermostat to match worker hours and activity, install motion-activated light switches and add automatic timers to turn off equipment when not in use. The more energy-use you reduce and shift away from on-peak and shoulder hours the more you can save.

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