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Employee Turnover

The average Duke Energy employee is about 48 years old with 20 years of service to the company. Employee turnover in 2007 was about 6 percent. Nearly 85 percent of the employees who left the company did so voluntarily. Employees affected by restructuring were offered help in finding new positions, either within Duke Energy or outside the company through career assistance. We also offered voluntary severance packages to encourage reductions in specific business areas.

2007 Turnover Summary
Reason Number Percent of Total
Severance package volunteers 405 39.4
Resignations 244 23.8
Retirements 218 21.2
Separations of employees who were notified
they did not have a position in the new organization*
114 11.1
Dismissals 46 4.5
Total 1,027 100
* Employees whose jobs were affected by restructuring were offered an option to transfer into a "transition pool" for a six-month period where they could look for another job internal to the company, look for another job outside the company or terminate employment immediately.