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U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas Expected 2008 Ongoing Contribution to EBIT - 74%U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas (USFE&G) consists of Duke Energy’s regulated generation, electric and gas transmission and distribution systems. Its generation portfolio is a mix of fuel sources – coal, oil/natural gas, nuclear and hydroelectric. USFE&G is Duke Energy’s largest business segment and primary source of earnings growth.

Electric Operations

  • Owns approximately 28,000 megawatts of generating capacity
  • Supplies electric service to approximately 3.9 million customers
  • Serves territories in five states – North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky – that total about 47,000 square miles
  • Operates 148,700 miles of electric distribution lines and a 20,900-mile electric transmission system

Gas Operations

  • Provides regulated gas transmission and distribution service to approximately 500,000 customers over a 3,000-square-mile service territory in Ohio and Kentucky 


Commercial Power Expected 2008 Ongoing Contribution to EBIT - 12%Commercial Power owns, operates and manages nonregulated power plants, primarily in the Midwest. Commercial Power also includes Duke Energy Generation Services (DEGS), which develops, owns and operates generation sources (including wind assets) that serve large energy consumers, municipalities, utilities and industrial facilities.

  • Owns and operates a balanced generation portfolio of approximately 8,000 megawatts
  • Most of the generation output in Ohio, over 21 million megawatthours annually, is supplied to regulated customers
  • DEGS has contracted to purchase wind turbines that are capable of generating approximately 240 megawatts when placed in commercial operation beginning in 2008 and 2009


Duke Energy International Expected 2008 Ongoing Contribution to EBIT - 12%Duke Energy International (DEI) operates and manages power generation facilities located in the Central and South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru. DEI also owns equity investments in Saudi Arabia and Greece.

  • Owns, operates or has substantial interests in approximately 4,000 net megawatts of generation facilities
  • About 75 percent of DEI’s generating capacity is hydroelectric, and approximately 90 percent is either currently contracted or receives a system capacity payment


Crescent Resources Expected 2008 Ongoing Contribution to EBIT - 2%Crescent Resources is effectively a 50-50 joint venture with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund. Crescent manages land holdings and develops high-quality commercial, residential and multifamily real estate projects.

  • Located in 10 states, primarily in the southeastern and southwestern United States
  • Owns 900,000 square feet of commercial, industrial and retail space, with an additional 500,000 square feet under construction
  • Manages approximately 122,608 acres of land

Note: Percent of 2008 forecasted ongoing total segment Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) does not include results for the operations labeled as Other.

Duke Energy's Service Territory and Latin American Holdings

Duke Energy serves retail and wholesale customers in portions of Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. We also own, operate and/or manage energy facilities throughout the United States. Our hydropower and thermal stations in Central and South America provide us with the fourth largest electric generation capacity in that region.

Duke Energy's Service Territory and Latin American Holdings

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