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Building a Culture of Sustainability and Diversity

We believe that driving the concepts of sustainability throughout Duke Energy – making it “part of our DNA” – will create long-term value and differentiation. In 2008, we will be undertaking a comprehensive training and education effort to build a corporate culture of sustainability. We expect it to lead to innovative approaches to our business issues and to align our employees around the principles of sustainability.

While there’s tremendous power in a shared culture and sense of purpose, we recognize and value the diversity of our employees. Our diversity efforts include:

  • A Diversity Council, comprised of a cross section of company officers and employees, provides oversight of diversity and inclusion efforts, including company policies, programs and initiatives. Diversity Steering Teams are used to improve diversity awareness and help create an inclusive culture.
  • Employee Resource Groups: The company supports a number of employee groups to bring together colleagues of similar interests and backgrounds. Regardless of the name, each group is open to any employee. The groups provide educational, networking, professional development and community service opportunities, and include the following:
    • African-American Network
    • Business Women’s Network
    • Latino Network (Under development)
    • Leadership Development Network

The company also supports employee participation in local chapters of national groups such as the American Association of Blacks in Energy, North American Young Generation in Nuclear and Women in Nuclear.