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About this Report

In 2007, we published Duke Energy’s first sustainability plan and report following the company’s merger with Cinergy. This 2007|2008 Sustainability Report updates our performance against our five-year sustainability plan.

Our Sustainability Plan and Progress at a Glance shows our progress on our goals as well as our management approach. The content in the rest of this publication was selected to build on – rather than repeat – information from the 2006|2007 report. On the pages that follow, we report on our 2007 progress, highlight significant developments toward achieving our sustainability goals and address the issues that our stakeholders tell us are most important to them. Additional information and updates to data in this report are available on our corporate website.

We also provide complete responses to the Global Reporting Initiative Indicators as part of this report.

Over the past year, we have made progress integrating sustainability into our core business. The company’s recently updated mission statement now explicitly references sustainability. And, Duke Energy’s 2007 Summary Annual Report and this Sustainability Report share a common theme – “building bridges to a low-carbon future.” Both publications review our response to the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.