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2007 Challenges and Opportunities

2007 Challenge What We Did in 2007
  • Develop innovative and economical energy efficient products and services
  • Promoted energy efficiency as the “fifth fuel”
  • Created the save-a-watt business model
2007 Opportunities What We Did in 2007
  • Build the smarter utility system (utility of the future)
  • Ensure constructive rate treatment
  • Pursued research for the best combination of technologies to bring the smart grid into operation
  • Developed strategic plan to transform our power delivery system
  • Began installing infrastructure for the smart grid and building smart utility labs in the Carolinas and Midwest to showcase the technology
  • Filed for regulatory approval of the save-a-watt model in Ind., N.C., and S.C.; Ohio and Ky. planned for 2008
  • Developed regulatory approaches for smart grid investments