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General Contractor Training

Contractor, consultant and its personnel (including subcontractors) involved in the performance of services for Duke Energy shall complete the following training and/or information below. The completion of any required training and/or information will be the responsibility of the prospective Contractor and their firm prior to performing any services at Duke Energy. Additional training may be required by your Duke Energy sponsor.

The following courses are required for unescorted access to Duke Energy’s electronic or physical assets:

The following course is only required for contractors who wish to become BYOPC participants. By continuing the enrollment process for BYOPC after completing the CBT, you are by default accepting the End User Agreement, which is available as a link in the CBT.

  • Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) Security Awareness and End User Agreement

    Course Description:

    • To understand the standard Bring-Your-Own-PC (BYOPC) program.
    • To understand the security risks associated with using a personal device in the workplace.
    • To understand the rights and obligations of BYOPC program participants.
    • To understand the rights and obligations of Duke Energy.

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The following course is only required for those IT professionals that will be providing services to Duke Energy which include developing or supporting web-based applications:

The following course is for contractors requesting access to Duke Energy’s IT Data Centers:

As a reminder, contractors are not employees of Duke Energy, and the information and training provided should not be construed as creating an employment relationship between an individual worker and any Duke Energy entity. Contractors should bring any questions or concerns related to terms of employment, including any required training, to their employer, as appropriate, not to Duke Energy.